Vikings, Valkryies and Valhalla

I really enjoy watching Vikings, which is a TV show based on the lives of Vikings (obviously). Valhalla is the name Germanic peoples gave to the palace of their chief god, Odin, in their mythology (stories of gods and goddesses) of many years ago. These people, who lived in Germany, Norway, Denmark, and other parts of northern Europe, told of a place “over the rainbow” where the gods dwelt. The chief god, Odin, lived in the palace called valhalla. All heroes who had fallen bravely in battle went there to live with Odin. Those who died a peaceful death were not permitted to dwell in Valhalla. The Norse peoples considered it glorious to die in battle, so that life ever after could be spent in the wonderful palace of Valhalla, feasting with Odin and watching entertainment and amusing themsevels with fighting and hunting.

I also enjoy playing Heroes of Newerth, which features one of the oldest heroes in the original DotA (Priestess of the Moon aka PotM) called the Valkyrie. Another noteworthy mention is in Starcraft: Brood Wars, which features the anti-air aircraft also called the Valkrie. In Scandinavian mygholoby, the stories the ancient Germanic peoples told about their gods and goddesses. The Valkryies were the attendants of Odin, the chief of the gods. They rode through the air on horses and delivered Odin’s orders during battles, which concerned who was to win and who was to die. The Valkryies were also thought to represent storm clouds. They wore robes made of feathers, and whoever could get a hold of their robes was supposed to be able to control them. In some of the stories the daughter of Odin, Brunnhilde, was also one of the Valkyries. An opwera by the German composer Richard Wagner is called Die Walkure (German for The Valkyries). It is one of the ring operas.